Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist showed the Most Searched and Trending Topics for the year. “Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times,” and this spirit can be seen through the aggregation of millions of search queries Google receives every day.


People Searches from Nelson Mandela to Miley Cyrus. Events from the Boston Marathon Bombing to Typhoon Haiyan. Gadgets from Apple’s iPhone 5s to the Blackberry 10.


So, what did the world search for in 2013? Here’s Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist round-up video:



Since 2001, Google has been presenting us with a view into what searches revealed about the interests, passions, and issues for the year. (Results are based on global search queries on in English.)


As a Digital Marketer, I can look at the beautiful statistics all day. As a Regular Person, all I can say is… What a year that was!


Explore the 2013 Google Zeitgeist and learn more about what people has been searching for and talking about in your country or industy.


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