Last May 13, 2014, Smart Communications Inc. organized the #TwitterTweetUp event held in URBN Bar & Kitchen, The Fort Strip. Different people from the digital community (Developers, Social Media Professionals, Bloggers, Twitter Fanatics, and of course, us #TeamAwesome) here in Manila were present during the event. What made this #TweetUp special is the fact that it was a chance to meet the folks from Twitter HQ!


When we arrived, the whole venue was Twitter inspired – from the name tags to the cupcakes. Food and drinks were served to us while waiting for the program to start. The event started with the welcome remarks of the people from Smart, and then they showed a short video clip about how Twitter started and its evolution.






As of today, Twitter has over 200 million users who send 400 million tweets daily and the Philippines is surely one of the countries who bring most of the activity. This is also the reason why the peeps from Twitter decided to visit the so-called #selfie capital of the world to do some research on how else they can improve the platform. The Twitter guys were kind enough to answer the questions of the audience.




The real party began with some good music and of course lots and lots of photos. We spotted a lot of #selfies happening with the Twitter folks.

Our team came to represent wearing our #TeamAwesome shirts and we were told (Hello Alex and Arvinder!) that a small team (of about 100 awesome peeps) in Twitter HQ also call themselves #TeamAwesome – how awesome is that? So we ended up giving them one of our shirts and will be sending them a few pieces more.