30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11 of 30*


Every Digital Marketer must understand the basics of SEO. He/She may not be using an SEO strategy aggressively, but covering the basics are important.

With the many overwhelming resources out there, it can be a challenge to read everything there is. As I always suggest: stick to 3-5 resources for updates but regularly check out the others for updates too.


Here are our top go-to SEO Resources for Digital Marketers:

1. Moz.com
Moz.com is every seo newbie’s haven. They provide regular updates and well researched articles for your learning.

They have an in-depth tutorial on how search engines work, The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Their segment called Whiteboard Friday, features topics being discussed in a video as if in a classroom setting.


2. Search Engine Land
Honestly, their site can be a little intimidating. It’s like SEO-geekery everywhere. The great thing about Search Engine Land is that the topics of their posts are well organized and you can simply pop in and search for the specific things you want to learn more about.


3. Search Engine Watch
Another content-packed site, Search Engine Watch posts updates (almost) as it happen. The site can be overwhelming for an SEO newbie, but like Search Engine Land, searching for specific updates or topics can give you better results.


Other site to watch out for:
Search Engine Roundtable


Whew. I feel you. With our everyday tasks plus the ever changing Google algorithm, how can we keep up, eh?

Organize. One tip I got is to set aside a day for learning. You can subscribe in all the newsletters and updates all you want but if you don’t really read them, they are of no use.


* My 30-Day Blogging Challenge has become 30-Blog Posts challenge. lol I know, I know.



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