A couple of months ago Facebook announced that it reached more than one million active advertisers using the site for the first time ever. Facebook has indeed become a mainstream advertising channel for small and medium-sized businesses.


And boy does it show.


More and more business owners are exploring and opening their wallets to advertise what they offer on Facebook. There are numerous ads running in Facebook everyday with really no intentions at all. Be it a campaign to get more page likes targeted to fans themselves or a sponsored story being shown to everyone using Facebook. The thing here is that such campaigns if not targeted correctly not only waste money, impressions and would not drive relevant conversions.


Struggling in managing Facebook ads? Worry no more. Power Editor will surely save your day.


Facebook has two types of ad managing tool, one which most people are probably familiar with and another that is more advanced and incredibly powerful- the Facebook Power Editor.


Some people may not be that aware but this amazing tool has been with Facebook since June of 2011. The multi-pane graphical interface presents a streamlined way to create and manage multiple Facebook ads simultaneously to help keep you organized, certainly a great tool for Social Media Specialists. Power Editor is a very powerful tool for any Facebook marketer. Designed for bulk campaigns and ads from various pages one owns or admins. Creating a ton of Facebook ads made easier. And it offers a few very cool stuff you just cannot do using the basic ad manager giving you more of your Facebook ads.


The Power Editor has to be installed in a Chrome Browser to use. To go to Power Editor go to: http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor. A very painless process.


What can Power Editor do? Here are the 3 main benefits for using the power editor.


1. Custom Ad Placement

Custom Ads Placement


Facebook Power editor helps you take better charge of ad placements. With this tool’s power, you’re not just limited to just tiny ads on the right-hand side of people’s Facebooks. Now you can target the ad to appear either in news feed, desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed or all the placements. You can even choose the exact type of device where you wish your ad to appear. Power Editor lets you do this and more. Target android or iOS. You can single out placements that are giving you the highest gains and subsequently invest more on those.
It is very evident nowadays that Facebook users now visit the site through mobile apps than a desktop computer. With roughly half of all U.S mobile subscribers using smartphones, Facebook is very focused on serving ads to mobile users.


2. Bulk Editing
A better ad management experience. If you for example created 4 ads in a campaign and needed to make any adjustment, you can go to one of the ads and the changes will apply to the other ads as well. This can help you save a great deal of time in managing your Facebook ads.


3. Optimized Ad Bidding


Optimized Ad Bidding

The Power Editor has a feature known as conversion specs, which is not accessible in the basic ads manager. It’s an awesome feature, which you can use to let Facebook know which type of specific action you would like to focus on. If it’s the engagement clicks you want or just the link clicks. All of that can be specified and much more with Conversion Specs. Facebook will by default have the Optimized CPM options for your ads, or you can set them up in person. Regardless of such factors, your Facebook ads are set to get you more likes by default, and if you’re promoting a post, they will help you maximize on customer engagement.


Many marketers are still using the old Facebook Ads Manager and it is also undergoing updates similar to Power Editor. However, Power Editor still remains a smart choice if you are into a more Advanced level targeting. Forget about “Boost post” option to increase Reach/engagement. It is the least preferable option you should use for it wouldn’t refine/target your post to a specific audience. Give Power Editor a try and I’m sure it’ll be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make for your business. Make the most of social media marketing. Power Editor lets you test and track your ads in the easiest and most fascinating ways.


Are you using Power Editor as well? What features do you love most? We would like to hear from you.



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