30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4 of 30


“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” ~ John Wooden


One of the most common mistakes of companies and business owners is setting up a Business Facebook Page and not provide the Tender-Loving-Care it deserves. A lot of people would say that Social Media Management or Facebook Management is FREE and EASY. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the saying “If You Build It, They Will Come” doesn’t apply anywhere in Social Media Marketing.

It is NEVER free, because it consumes time. And it will NEVER be easy, well, just because…

Fortunately, there are tons of free online tools available to help enhance your Facebook Page:


1. Facebook Cover Maker – EasyCoverMaker.com
Make your Facebook Page look like it was designed by a pro with connecting Facebook Cover and Page Profile Image designs. With Facebook Cover Maker, you just drag, drop, add layers of images or text and you’re good to go!


Facebook Cover Maker | Photo Creator | Facebook Cover Photo



2. Woobox
Maximize your Facebook Page function by customizing the tabs. You can add up to 3 visible customized tab while the rest can be seen after the fold.

Woobox let’s you create applications for free so you can display your Tweets, Instagram Photos, Pinterest Boards, and YouTube videos on a Facebook Page Tab. You can also create promotional applications such as Sweepstakes giveaway, coupons, photo contests and many more. It is free for most of their basic apps then they have paid features for other promotional apps.

Static Tabs


3. ShortStack
Like Woobox, Shortstack let’s you create custom apps for your Facebook Tab. They have a library of design templates to choose from and with their easy drag and drop feature, you can create professional looking Facebook tab in minutes.

Shortstack is FREE for up to 2,000 likes. Beyond that, they offer affordable plans. Well, if you have more than 2,000 likes on your Facebook Page and you want to keep them engaged with promotions and contests, you should definitely think about investing on Shortstack.




4. Static Iframe Tab Settings
After you have set up your custom apps, don’t forget to update your tab images with matching designs.


The K Squad Outsourcing Solutions Tab



4.1. Prepare a tab design image in 111 x 74 pixel size. Make sure the image or texts are visible and still attractive in a small view.

4.2. Click on the down arrow beside the Tab Images to reveal the rest of the apps then click on the EDIT button to reveal the editing options. Click on EDIT SETTINGS.


4.3. A pop up will appear and it will let your change the Custom Tab Image and Custom Tab Name.
The K Squad Outsourcing Solutions Tab Image Edit


4.4 Click on CHANGE beside Custom Tab Image, and it will bring you to a new browser tab to upload your image.
Change Tab Image

Change Tab Image


4.5. Go back to the browser with your Facebook Page is and click OKAY.
The K Squad Outsourcing Solutions Tab Image Edit


Enjoy your new Facebook Custom Tab design!


5. Dlvr.it
So you have your Facebook Page set up, but don’t have time yet for frequent status updates? Let Dlvr.it take care of it for you!

Dlvr.it lets you share your content to various social media sites, not just Facebook. It is free for 5 Feeds, 3 Social Profiles, one Q, and your feed is updated every 30 minutes.

Here is an example of a Facebook post at my Facebook Page with a content from Social Media Examiner, shared via Dlvr.it:

You can choose the source of the content (RSS feed, Twitter feed, Email), the social profile destination (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin,etc.) the frequency of updates (every 30 minutes, once a day, etc.) and the format of the post (with title, with body of the post as caption).




These free online tools are enough for you to help enhance your Facebook Page and make it stand out from others. You are now ready to create, share and spread valuable content to your followers.

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